SCS Business Consultants is a national boutique recruitment & consultancy company with our Australian head office based centrally in Adelaide.

What makes us different? SCS Business Consultants is a unique consultancy/recruitment company that is formed from many years of senior management experience. All SCS consultancy and recruitment personnel have extensive successful experience managing businesses, from large multinational and national corporate enterprises through to large private sector businesses, across many sectors, ranging from manufacturing, service provision, IT, Accountancy and Engineering. Our own consultants have succeeded in their previous careers through careful understanding, mentoring, training and selection of their own staff.

Further to this, SCS personnel are chosen not only on the basis of their successes, but their ability to understand the psychological makeup of the people that they have employed and their ability to mentor those staff that makes for excellent performance and as such excellent results. The benefit to you is that you have dedicated recruiters who not only understand your plight from a HR point of view, but from a strategic business viewpoint as well. SCS Consultants are people focussed and have years of experience understanding motivators and drivers for individuals in the workplace – and they bring that experience to your business.

Testament to this is the fact that each successful recruitment assignment is paired up with a brief to their manager regarding the best way to get the best results from that particular candidate. This can save you weeks (sometimes months) in discovering which internal motivators trigger excellent results, what management practices these people have responded to in the past, both positive and negative and what drives them to success. As each candidate is unique in psychological makeup, each individual's motivator's differ. To say that we provide staff that adapt quickly into new work environments is only to be telling half the story; To say that we meld the candidate and employer in common unity and guide the employer (when required) through to result-oriented management practices with the candidate is closer to what we do.

For our clients we offer a service second to none and for our candidates we offer carefully thought out career paths in businesses that are oriented with their needs, drivers and aspirations. Our director insists that on every placement we make sure that a win/win situation is attained for both parties through careful thought and processes – based on good business acumen and years of experience. This is why we have such a minimal warranty request rate, saving you time and money and adding to your businesses efficiency.

Consider SCS Business Consultants as the thorough alternative to the "supermarket" approach of many other recruitment agencies.

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